Windlace & Beading (Welt Cord)

We have several colors of this accent roping used around the doors of many vehicles. All of our windlace contains a ½” foam core sewn inside a knitted cloth material. This windlace has ½” seam and is usually sewn in place. Pinch-on and snap-on type windlace are not available. Our windlace costs $8.50 per yard, and as each model is different, we recommend measuring before you call. In some vehicles this material goes all the way around the door, where in others it simply goes around the bottom.

  • Windlace: $8.50 per yard

Below are samples of some of the windlace we have available.
As always, call for the color match for your vehicle!

Beading (Welt Cord, Piping):
We also offer a limited selection of beading for various cars. Original colors are offered at $2.00 per yard. The plastic coated silver beading so prevalent in cars produced during the ’60’s is also available at $2.00 per yard. Please note that this silver beading will often oxidize with age and appear gold.

  • Beading: $3.00 per yard
  • Silver Beading: $3.00 per yard

Below is a picture showing examples of the small diameter and large diameter welt cord. We have over 200 different colors of welt cord available. Large diameter is .180 (is on left in picture) Small diameter is .120 (is on right of picture):

Please call for the color match for your vehicle!