Q: “…but do you have the material I need?”

A: We have one of the largest inventories of original cloth, vinyl, and headliner in the world. We currently stock fabrics from the 1950’s through the 1990’s for all AMC, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors vehicles, and a few fabrics for cars produced before 1950 and after 2000. We ask customers to give us a call with a good description of the materials required so we can check availability and provide pricing. Customers may also send us small samples of the materials required by mail or e-mail for match-up. Our racks swell with rolls, creating an inventory unmatched by any other!

Q: “How much do I need and how much do I have to buy?”

A: Normally cloth materials are produced on rolls wide enough to reach across the seat from door to door. In this case, the customer can simply measure the size of the insert from front to rear, measuring from seam to seam and adding 2 inches to allow for stitching. An exception to this rule is the “up the roll” material, in which the pattern direction goes into the roll as opposed to across the roll. Our salespeople will assist you if this is the case.

Q: “If the material is 30 years old, is it any good? It’s not dry rotted is it?”

A: Be assured that we don not sell fabrics that we would not be satisfied with in our own vehicles. If the fabric is dry rotted it goes in the trash. The original cloth, vinyl, and headliner yardage that we stock is stored with great care. Each fabric is carefully rolled on a sturdy tube and stored in controlled conditions until it is cut and rolled on to a tube for shipping. NOS material from Original Auto Interiors will wear as well as the fabric on the original seat frames. We cannot stress enough the excellent condition of these materials.

Q: “What information is required to place an order for carpet flooring?”

A: Of course we need to know which color and type of carpet you need and sometimes we will need to see a sample to match it. For most vehicles, simply requesting the “original light blue”, for example, will suffice. For all vehicles we need to know the year, make, model, and body style. Additionally, we need to know whether the vehicle has a bench or bucket seat, the transmission type, and if there is a console in the vehicle. In some cases, further questions apply to specific vehicles, but we will know what to ask to make sure you get the proper fit.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: Payment is accepted in US funds only and can be made in any of the following ways:

  • Visa and MasterCard orders.
  • COD to addresses within the Continental United States.
  • Pre-paid by check or money order (foreign order payments should be drawn on US banks or paid with postal money orders).
  • Wire transfer of funds from the customers back to our bank (this service carries additional charges, call for details).