Trunk Mats

Our mats are die cut, cut and sewn, or molded depending on the vehicle and are offered in 46 original patterns and colors for vehicles from the ‘50’s through the mid ‘90’s. Burtex, felt, fleece, rubber, and vinyl trunk mats are available; the specific type depends on the vehicle. Some sets are offered in more than one type of material to allow for more economical restoration.

These sets start at $65.00 and up, depending on the size of the mat, pattern, and material type. Matching tire covers are also offered in most patterns. Please inquire about large sheets of trunk mat material if the pre-made trunk mat for your vehicle is not available. These materials are available in sheets that are approximately 56 inches – 80 inches. The fleece and vinyl backed sheets are approximately $89.00 per sheet and the Burtex backed sheets are approximately $139.00 per sheet.

Sample of trunk materials available below: